Ensuring a Safe Blood Supply: BTA Publishes Position Paper on SoHO Regulation

The Blood Transfusion Association (BTA) is pleased to announce the release of its position paper on the Proposal for Substances of Human Origin (SoHO) Regulation.  

Committed to promoting the safe supply and correct use of blood for transfusion, the BTA has outlined six areas for improvement in the proposal in its position paper: 

  1. Donor and Patient Safety: To prioritize patient health, the BTA recommends avoiding terminology like "significant risk" that may impact donor and patient trust. 

  2. Innovation: The BTA supports including processing technologies in the Regulation to enhance patient safety, address challenges, and safeguard the blood supply for European distribution. 

  3. Harmonisation: The EU SoHO platform should be specifically highlighted as the means by which authorisation information should be shared. This will ensure a harmonized approach to the sharing of SoHO authorization information. 

  4. Climate Change and Pandemic Preparedness: Supporting the proposal for a SoHO Regulation, the BTA urges national emergency plans, communication, and preparedness to mitigate supply gaps and bloodborne pandemics due to climate change.

  5. Stakeholder Involvement and Transparency: The BTA promotes a sustainable and innovative environment by encouraging increased consideration, collaboration, and transparency among stakeholders. 

  6. Health, Protection, and Safety of Workers: Recognizing the significance of personnel handling SoHOs, the BTA emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the safety and well-being of these workers. 

By addressing these areas, the BTA aims to contribute to the development of a comprehensive and effective SoHO Regulation that ensures a safe and sustainable blood supply. 

The BTA invites industry professionals, healthcare providers, policymakers, and the public to read the full position paper here. Together, let us work towards a future where patients' needs are met, donors are protected, and the blood supply remains secure in the face of emerging challenges. Join us in shaping a safer tomorrow! 

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