BTA is an international non-profit trade association representing blood bag set manufacturers. Our aim is to promote the correct use and safe supply of blood for transfusion.

Towards improved patient safety

The BTA was created to bring together a group with the knowledge and expertise in the field of blood transfusion to better address the unique needs of this sector. As the scientific and regulatory landscape continues to evolve, the BTA will work to engage policymakers, regulators, blood establishments and other stakeholders in discussions about improving public health to ensure patients have timely access to safe blood and blood components for transfusion. 


Stay updated on the recent developments in the field of blood transfusions, as well as BTA activities.

Celebrating World Blood Donor Day: A Year of Progress and Safety

Today, June 14, we celebrate World Blood Donor Day, expressing our gratitude to all blood donors and highlighting the continuous need for donations.

BTA Welcomes SoHO Regulation Vote

The European Parliament adopts the Substances of Human Origin Regulation

Ensuring Patient Safety and Blood Supply: The EU Prolongs DEHP Sunset Date for Medical Devices

The European Commission extends DEHP Sunset Date for Medical Devices, a vital move for patient safety.

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